Do you remember in school when you had to practice for the dreaded spelling test each week? The homework was always the same. You had to write the words 10 times each. You had to use each word in a sentence. Sometimes you would even have to make a story out of the words. Sight words/red words are hard because you can’t sound them out phonetically. You simply have to memorize how to read and write them. Practicing these words doesn’t have to be as boring as it was when we were kids and it really shouldn’t be.

Below you will find multiple ways of practicing sight words/red words with your children that they will actually enjoy doing.


1. Writing in sand

2. Writing in salt

3. Writing in shaving cream

4. Writing in sprinkles

5. Writing in glue and then using glitter

6. Making them out of playdough

7. Writing in chalk

8. Writing using magnets

9. Writing under a plastic screen

10. Making them out of yarn

11. Making them out of pipe cleaners

12. Rainbow write them

13. Write consonants in red and vowels in blue

14. Write words in pyramid form

15. Write words going across and down

16. Wrap a surprise gift in brown paper and have the child write all of their sight words before they can open it.


How are you going to make sight words fun this week?