Excel In Your Studies

Good study habits are essential yet aren’t explicitly taught in schools. Allow us to teach your child a variety of strategies that aid in comprehension, recall, and application.

Active listening, reading comprehension, note-taking, stress management, time management, test taking, and memorization are just a few of the topics addressed in our study skills course.

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Study Skills

At Servidio Education Solutions:

  • We tailor our course to your child’s individual needs.

  • Help you discover your learning style

  • Teach effective study habits

  • Teach students how to manage their time effectively and how to break down large tasks into manageable chunks

  • Teach students how to read different texts for speed, accuracy, and comprehension

  • Teach note taking skills including the Cornell System for taking notes

  • Help students improve their memory

  • Provide strategies for dealing with test taking anxiety

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