Be Prepared for the SAT and ACT Tests

The SAT/ACT is stressful for everyone. A few hundred points may be all that’s standing between your child and qualifying for a top-tier college or landing that full-ride scholarship.

These tests cover a wide range of subjects and every student is going to have areas where they’re weaker. Whether it’s trigonometry, algebra, or critical thinking, you want to make sure your student is spending most of their time tackling the areas they need help with rather than the ones they already have down. This is where a tutor becomes important.

We will ensure that your child gets the individual attention they deserve, which will help them concentrate on the parts of the test they really need to work on.

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Most SAT/ACT Prep Courses:

  • Weekly group classes consisting of multiple students.  These classes need to move fast to cover all the material.  Your student will be one of many, and may not receive much 1-on-1 attention.

  • Practice questions are assigned, but reviewed in class the following week.  Students have to wait to advance after reviewing practice questions, and may fall behind.

  • Classes start and end on specific schedules, for set lengths of time.  This may not work for all students and their busy schedules.

With Servidio Education Solutions:

  • Students meet weekly, 1-on-1, with their tutors.  Outside of sessions, tutors can monitor students’ progress on a daily basis.

  • Practice questions are assigned every week, and tutors can provide immediate feedback.  If a student gets ahead, more practice can be given without having to wait for the next weekly meeting.

  • Tutoring can be adjusted depending on your schedule, and can be shortened or extended.

We’ve found that many test prep curricula have students study for the SAT/ACT simply by doing set after set of practice problems. It’s like trying to learn an instrument just by playing songs rather than practicing scales or chords. You aren’t truly mastering the fundamentals. When a slightly altered version of a practice problem comes up on the test, it can totally throw the student off.

We have students take a few practice exams to find out what their weak areas are. Once those have been identified, the focus is to take a step back and actually dive deeper into the concepts that need work.

SAT Prep

When We Administer Practice Tests:

  • Students take a full exam so they get a feel for the pacing of the test which will help make sure your student doesn’t burn out early.

  • We keep strict timing on each section. Even an extra minute can artificially increase your child’s score. You also aren’t allowed to skip to the next section, or return to a previous one even if you finish early.

  • Students use only the allowed materials. Only use a calculator when permitted and make sure phones, computers or other distractions aren’t around.

  • Students take only official breaks.The SAT/ACT is a marathon with only a few breaks built in. Your student should get used to staying focused during long sessions.

  • Students take it at the same time of day that the SAT/ACT is given. Often exams are scheduled early in the morning.

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