Achieve Financial Responsibility

This business course is designed to assist students in developing a strong foundation for making lifelong financial decisions. Making good financial choices requires integrating different kinds of information of which financial data is only one part.

Life-style preferences and choices, economic and political trends, principles of budgeting and accounting, legal consequences, and opportunity cost analysis all have a role to play in financial decision making. This course integrates essential disciplines, including economics, accounting, finance, investing, consumer law and tax law, and consumer psychology.

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Financial Literacy

At Servidio Education Solutions:

  • Critical thinking skills are developed through student identification of relevant variables that access a broad spectrum of information, evaluating conflicting information, weighing the consequences of alternative actions, and arriving at a decision.

  • Students will develop a better understanding of their respective roles as employees, customers, and investors.

  • We use real-world scenarios that allow students to apply course content in making decisions related to individual or family finances in the topics of careers, taxes and income, banking – savings & CD’s, banking – checking, credit scores, credit cards, investing options, and future expenses such as college loans, cars and homes.

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