Extra Help

Here are some simple strategies to provide extra help and individualized instruction to those who need it.

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Learn how to organize your grading and how to make your intentions transparent to parents, students and administrators.

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Following the IEP Virtually

While not ALL parts of the IEP are able to be followed virtually depending on the child and their specific challenges, most children can still benefit from virtual learning with appropriate modifications and accommodations.

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Group Work

Working with others remotely is an ever increasing life skill. Set children up for success now by showing them how to work together from far away.

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Parent Communication

Lack of communication is the #1 reason why parents end up suing schools. Learn how to communicate with parents so that they trust you and feel like they are part of their child’s educational team.

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Student Engagement

Keeping students engaged in the virtual classroom is a lot easier than you might think. New interactive material appears on the internet everyday.

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