You see all the people running through the happiest place on earth and how happy they look.

You think how nice it would be to get pictures with all the characters not normally seen in the parks.

You’ve seen all those jump shots and know that if you train for this race, you’ll look really good and the photographers will capture an awesome picture of you doing the same.

You kind of feel bad though because the family would be jealous if you left them home so you talk them into running with you and start imagining the unforgettable memories you can create crossing that finish line together and celebrating in the parks.

That’s it. You’re convinced. You know the dates to register and you’re prepared to jump on the computer at noon to register. Except, that happens to be the one day the boss is in the office, it’s crazy busy and you barely have time to breathe.

It’s ok. You take your phone to the bathroom with you because surely everyone will understand that you need a few minutes to yourself. You’re almost done registering and then this beauty stares back at you for 8 minutes straight and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere.

You pop into the facebook groups and find that the races are selling out quick and you know if you try to start over, you risk losing everything.

Maybe you get lucky and get the bibs. More than likely, you lost out.

You could gamble or you could take the easy and stress free way out.

Your friends at Mickey World Travel have presale for the following races. All you need to do is book a 3 night Disney hotel stay and we can secure your bibs through 3/3. A simple $200 room deposit plus the price of the bibs is due at booking. No need to stress about anything. We’ll also book your memory maker so you can get all those great race photos and any other photos you take while playing in the parks. We can also book your dining reservations and fast passes for you.

I know what you’re thinking. You think it’s too good to be true. You think the fee is going to be ridiculous. Surprise! Our services are FREE to you 😊

Below are bib prices for:

Star Wars 4/4/19-4/7/19










Wine and Dine 10/31/19-11/3/19


WDW Marathon Weekend 1/8/20-1/12/20


Princess 2/21/20-2/23/20

Email [email protected] today to book!