This year, more than 21 million students and their families will be asking:

  • How can I make sure my application is seen and considered when so many others are applying too?

  • What schools are within my reach? Can I afford them?
  • What separates me from everyone else?

It can be frustrating to not have these answers ahead of application time.

Without knowing these answers, a student’s path to success can easily be shut down because of:

Moving from high school to college is scary enough.

Success in life means knowing how to do the right research, how to choose the right major, and how to network for life beyond college.

The power advantage you need for success is here.

Remove analysis paralysis that causes procrastination and/or rushing through the application process because you now have everything there is to know about the process and what is expected from you.

While other students are wondering: 

  • If their essay is good enough to get attention
  • If their social media profiles are going to work against them
  • If they’re too far back in the line because they could have submitted early but didn’t know until it was too late
  • If they’ve settled on a school that will be the best for their budget, as well as their lifelong goals
  • If they’ve connected with the right people on LinkedIn

You will have THE application that the committee LOVES.

Getting into the college of your choice could set you on a trajectory for lifetime success. 

The Servidio College Advantage™ is designed to help you do just that.

The Servidio College Advantage is the definitive guide you need to impress even the most curmudgeonous application committee members. 

When you register for this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use our secret trick for getting the top recommendations from teachers so they shine the best possible light on you
  • Prepare your social media for college review so you keep yourself out of the reject pile 
  • Research schools & majors so you are making the best possible life choices at a very crucial time in your educational career 
  • Learn how to explore possible financial aid & scholarships options
  • Understand how you can be affected by  college loans
  • Help you be financially prepared for college (knowing how loans will affect you in the long run, having a co-signer ready, having a part-time job lined up, work study opportunities, and getting the most out of FAFSA and scholarships)
  • Impress the committee with your college essay & application writing
  • Win at scholarship essays to help you financially, as much as possible
  • Make an impact with your application so that it stands out in a sea of millions of applicants  
  • Make the most out of college visits/virtual tours so you make the best decisions possible
  • Optimize your volunteer activities so the committee recognizes your effort
  • Choose a major that won’t land you in a career you don’t love
  • Organize and prepare for application deadlines so you don’t miss out on your top schools
  • Navigate the chaos that FAFSA can be to help you get the most financial aid possible
  • Declare a major that will ensure you don’t end up a career student because you’ve chosen the wrong major

Plus Bonuses like:

BONUS #1: Recommendation Letter Power Moves

Write your own recommendation letters from teachers so you KNOW what’s going in it and that you’re going to look amazing with it (Don’t worry, this is 100% ethical and we’ll show you why!).

BONUS #2: Interview Prowess

Ditch the stuttering and fumbling through the interview process. You’ll learn how to present yourself as a success before you even say a word.

6 Modules of in-depth information that are designed to help you and your student master the college application process, making it easier, faster, and more successful. 

With The Servidio College Advantage, there is NOTHING to fear when it comes to the application process.


  • Get the offers you want from the schools you want

  • Open up powerful new avenues of success

  • Shine brighter than every other application in the process

Dramatically increase your chances when you have access to the course that is going to make you THE one they want in their schools.

Servidio Education Solutions

About Servidio Education Solutions

Servidio Education Solutions has been providing proven education solutions since 2016.  We pride ourselves on the depth of knowledge that has come from helping thousands of students prepare for college entrance.

At Servidio Education Solutions, we start out tutoring students in preschool and guide them through all stages of their educational careers, as well as helping them get their first jobs.

Servidio Education Solutions is more than just academics.

The Servidio College Advantage is…

…for families who want to increase their student’s chances of getting offers from their top choice schools

…for families who want to understand the system they’re applying through

…for families who work better with all of the answers

…for people who want to know what to do before it’s too late

…for people who want to make sure their kids get into the school of their dreams without ending up in the College Admissions Scandal documentary

If you want an unfair advantage over the 14.8 millions of other applications colleges will be looking at this year, then this course is a must-have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you just complete the application process for me? 

While we won’t do anything unethical or illegal, we do offer a superior White Glove Experience where we go through each part of the application with you, help you fill out FAFSA, write your essay, and make sure you’re prepared for the interviews and more. Email [email protected] and ask about this service.

What if we get the course and don’t like it? Do you refund us? 

Since the course is all digital and all delivered at once, there are no refunds offered. If you have questions, feel free to contact us and one of our tutors will help you decide if this is right for you. 

Application time is coming soon, how long do we need to finish the course?

Even though it’s 6-modules of complete information, it should have you ready to start filling in the apps in as little as three days, depending on how fast you go. We recommend watching all the information and then running through it again or referring back to it as you complete the application. 

When you have every single thing you need to know in your hand, you can fill out the applications for all the schools you want to go to with solid confidence that you increase your chances of being accepted without being wait-listed.

Understand exactly what to look for in a college, how to apply, and how to give the application committee exactly what they want so that you are favored among the masses.